Why do good people do bad things? It’s a question that needs to be asked as well as trying to define what is bad. Is it bad to be nude? It depends whom you ask. In the general scheme of things, I doubt that the universe particularly cares. In spiritual terms, perhaps nudity is the most spiritual way to approach the numinous. Egyptian priests used to shave themselves until they were hairless before they presented themselves before their pantheon of gods and goddesses. In the Garden of Eden, nudity was the exalted state of being.

Yet, in today’s world, most would claim that being nude outside of the shower or bath verges on the edge of being evil behaviour. The book I am reading by James Hollis examines this idea of why we do things that get us in trouble though he doesn’t talk about nudity. Nudity does get us in trouble with individuals that are close to us and with society in general.

I don’t have any answers. I just know that to be authentic, to be my real self, I need to embrace nudity.