I was sitting in my usual chair yesterday evening, reading, while my wife sat on the love seat talking on the phone to her sister when our neighbour from two doors down quietly entered our house. She had been over for a BBQ supper earlier in the evening with her husband. We had said good-byes as they are off on a camping trip tomorrow. Usually when she enters our home, she calls out as she knows that I am often nude in the house. Yes, she has seen me naked in the past and that was probably more of a shock to me than it was to her.

Well, to continue the story, she entered our home without knocking or any noise at all. She is not a quiet person by any stretch of imagination. She removed her shoes in the kitchen in silence which I thought strange, something she has never done before. It was as if she was intent on surprising us. And then entered the living room where I sat reading, just as I am in this photo, completely nude.

She then sat beside me in the empty rocking chair and asked me if I could write out the rules of the dice game she intends to play with her grandchildren while camping. My nudity was obvious, nothing was hidden, perhaps even more than obvious. I discretely placed my book in a position to cover up my penis trying to make it a natural movement rather than as a cover-up. My wife gave a strange and surprised look as the neighbour sat beside me, but then ignored her presence as she continued talking on the phone with her sister.

I didn’t know the rules of the game as I took the pencil and paper handed to me, so I hesitated. Seeing my my dilemma, my wife went to the games drawer and got out the rules for our neighbour and put them on the dining room table so that she could write out the rules for herself at the table. While that was happening, I got to cover myself , then continued with my reading. When she was done she left with a thank you.