On the Road Less Taken

On the road less taken

It’s the last day of June and it is cold and dreary out. Looking back at the weekend which I had originally planned on spending at Green Haven; it was a good decision to stay home. It has been raining off and on most of the time with only a few hours of sunshine on Saturday which I put to good use with a naturist hike in the hills and valley south of town.

I can’t say as I really understand this compulsion to take these nude photos, but I do know that when I withdraw from doing so, I usually have a descent into darkness. Knowing this, I know that the photos are the lesser problem. I end up being a more relaxed person, a state of being that makes it much easier for my wife.

There is no question in my mind that nudity has been helping me find a better balance in life. Besides improving my mental health, nudity has encouraged me to follow through with being better focused on my physical health.  Three full months back from Mexico and I still weigh in at 165 pounds, a good ten to fifteen pounds lighter than my average weight over the past ten years. I am becoming increasingly prouder of my body even though there is still more improvement needed.

It is hard to believe that less than two years ago I weighed 180 pounds, was on high blood pressure medications and a range of allergy medications. Nudity, nudity that became accepted by my wife at the end of January 2013 while in Mexico was the turning point. Now, the high blood pressure meds are history as well as the allergy meds. It began with my acceptance of nudity and of being a naturist, a shift that had me do the work to become physically healthier.

In a sense, I guess it is a real statement about this nudity, this naturism being the reality of who I am now, at this stage of my life. When I fight it, when I rebel, it bites back with a vengeance that leaves both of us suffering, wondering how it is possible to continue being together, even wondering about how it is possible to continue living if we are not together.

I received my edited poems for the second poetry book back from Will Forest, author of Co-ed Naked Philosophy. Now, I will have to sit down with them and make the needed corrections and select the forty poems I will use in the next book. Then I will sit down with my wife to plan the photos for each poem. Will it work out this way? I don’t know. I do know that she was very positive about the first book of Naked Poetry, including having her photos in the book, one of them a nude photo. The first book of Naked Poetry has had 254 downloads to date, an impressive number in my mind.

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  1. Did we submit photos for this poetry work ??

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