The sunny side of the hill

I went on a naturist hike south of town today, the first such hike this year. This was the longest clothing free hike of my life, a good eight kilometres from start to finish. I parked by the entrance to an oil well, just before a descent into the valley along a rarely used road that was more like a trail. It took me up a small hill where I then had to cross an old field before going down into the main valley before the hills on the south side.

The weather has finally warmed up enough for me to once again try outdoor naturism. We have been busy walking as much as possible as my wife is serious about going to walk the Camino with me in the fall of 2015. There is a lot of training to do as well as ensuring that we have the right footwear and equipment.

I am also in the process of putting together a second book of poetry, one that will have photos of other naturists included with selected poems. One of the things that I am not doing is writing very much about Jungian psychology. I am hoping to have the rest of my life reach some sort of balance before I dig deep into my psyche once again.