In Playa, about the middle of January, I had a melt down because of another nudity conflict with Maureen. There was almost no opportunity in Casa Verde for nudity other than the bedroom and the dining room which had become my writing centre. In my crash, I deleted the photos I had taken which hadn’t been very many.

When we moved to Puerto Morelos in February, because of the arrangement that had been made with K. about my nudity in the garden, I was able to be nude both in and out of the studio a good portion of the time. The only other times I would get nude was when we were in deep enough water on the beach so that I could put my mini-brief bathing suit on my wrist. For the most part, life went well as I worked on the edits to my first novel, A Small Company of Pilgrims. Our neighbours from two doors down, came to stay in Puerto Morelos in March. We ended up spending a good amount of time with them. They also got to experience being in the water next to us while I was wearing the bathing suit as a wrist band. There was no secret that I was nude.

During out time in Puerto Morelos, I had taken photos and I had written blog posts, including one in particular that my wife thought was important, Why I am a Naturist, a blog post that was shared with everyone who followed me on Facebook. The several hundred followers I had on Facebook got to see the posts which I had carefully cropped so as to not offend. My being a naturist became public knowledge. And then, another meltdown happened and I lost all the posts and images for the past three and a half months.

Today it is Earth Day, the first day in a new attempt to return to balance as a naturist. I am trying to understand this as if I belonged to Alcoholics Anonymous. I fell off the wagon and am once again getting up and trying again.