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Out of the Naturist Closet

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This is the first nude photo that has been taken since Green Haven. From the last time we were at Green Haven, life has been problematic for me. All nude photos have been deleted from the blog site as my wife is worried about our children and grandchildren seeing the images. Nudity has been a divisive element that has sparked storms between us ever since Green Haven. My fears about what that experience would do to our relationship appeared to be validated.

Then, following our visit with S. in Cranbrook, the day after my birthday, S. disclosed that she was a naturist to both of us. Our trip was mainly about visiting family on the west coast and the stop in Cranbrook was about renewing our friendship with S. It seems that S. had been reading my naturist blog posts and felt it was safe to talk about it to us. My wife knows about the blog site as she has read it as well at times, though not regularly. There are secrets about others that we know that we will likely never know.

S. has come out of the closet as a naturist because she felt safe. My wife’s friendship with S. has not been diminished because of it. It was something neither of us would have expected to hear. I think hearing this has changed my wife’s response to my nudity and my needs. She has agreed to go with me for a second visit to Green Haven in a few days. Again, it is time for me to hold the tension – uncomfortably.


  1. sassycoupleok

    Obviously, nudity is a non-issue for K and I. Recently a close friend of K’s asked if she would help her do something that she felt she would be comfortable with K doing. That something was helping her do a nude photo shoot for photos she wanted to surprise her boyfriend with. She said that by us being nudist that we would be comfortable with her nudity and she felt she could bare all around us comfortably. We did the shoot with all three of us nude and it went very well, even when a couple of the poses were very explicit. She actually asked me as a man if I thought her boyfriend would be pleased with the more explicit photos mixed in with the more boudoir photos. I actually let K do all of the photo taking as I did not want it to become sexual. By all accounts the photos were a huge success.

    T & K

    • skyclad

      Wise man, T. Thanks for the comment.

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