Spring crocuses

Late this morning I went out looking for early spring crocuses. I do this most years when we are home. When I got to a likely looking place, I realised that I could actually be nude while searching for the delicate flowers. I had never tried nudity in this location before as it is not out of view of a grid road. I kept my eyes and ears on alert as I wandered, ready to avoid notice should a farm vehicle appear. Thankfully, no one came by and I found the pale purple treasures.

My fears about being at the centre of community gossip was needless. This morning the neighbour reappeared and told me that she would honour my choice to be nude and keep it just between us. I think it might be due to the fact that over the past eleven years we have lived in the community, I have never divulged anything that had to do with her. With that settled, the pressure of waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop has been lifted.