Cutting boards

It is warming up enough on the prairies for me to begin doing chores outdoors while nude, at least when there is no wind. I have a project where I am redoing a wall using pine boards. As well as the basement project, I have a few treated boards to cut for use by the garden. I do the measurements on the boards and the cutting while outside. It is a challenge, especially for my wife as our fence is not even remotely a privacy fence. To be honest, I hadn’t thought about the need for a privacy fence in our small town on the prairies. And, school was in session so there was no chance of any youth wandering past our yard through the back lane. The only chance of being seen was by a neighbour.

One of our neighbours has recently seen me nude. I was in the house near the patio door and it was lightly raining outside. She saw me nude and waited for a while before opening the patio door and entering. There was no covering up possible. She came for tea, a surprise as my wife was at work. Once she was in the house, I put on some clothes while she put on the kettle. Now, my neighbours know about me being nude. I wonder how long before this becomes the focus of town gossip as she is famous for spreading gossip?