Waiting for dawn

I was up very early this morning. When my wife goes to work for the early shift, we get up around five. We then have coffee while sitting on our loveseat which has a view that looks out the window. By the time she leaves, it still isn’t light out and it will only get darker, longer until the winter solstice which is just about a month away.

I have always been a morning person so I don’t mind getting up early. At this time of day, I am the owner of the Earth and no one tries to dispute that fact. However, today I noticed a hint of sadness within me. Since I am paying better attention to my body, I didn’t stay in this mood very long. I have a writing project in process.

I am putting together a series of posts that paint a picture of my aborted Camino, the time I spent walking in France. I kept a journal of my walk wherein I disclose the depths of my feelings which were twinned with quotations from a couple of books that I carried along with me. My Jungian psychology posts are paused. I am avoiding “depth” in favour of being present in the world.