The Challenge of Winter

Fire inside and snow outside

It’s Remembrance Day and it snowed again last night. I’m not sure why I wanted to go out into the snow without my clothing. I really wasn’t all that warm, so I didn’t stay out there very long. Well, maybe I do know why. This whole idea about being fully present in life has a lot to do with the senses.

When it comes to my typology, Sensation is my weakest function. Opposed to Sensation is Intuition the strongest of my functions. If I am to become better balanced in life, I need to work on developing my sensate function. I am trying to listen attentively and speak only after considering the choice of words. Listening is a bit of a problem as I have a hearing disability that requires me to use hearing aids. I bought them a few years about but often forget to put them in. Since I have been home from France, I am using them every day. It is making a difference.

Being outside in the cold while nude is a brutal way of having me actually feel my body rather than think about my body in the abstract, if I even think about it at all. Seeing this image taken after morning coffee, I can tell just how much work this is. It isn’t the same as roasting in sunlight when I zone out.

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