Music for the heart and soul

Last night was Hallowe’en and we had about thirty-five young people come to get treats. Giving out treats is my task. We had enough stuff for at least a hundred and fifty kids, so I ended up giving more that I would usually give. Why did I buy so much when the past numbers of treaters was always similar? Perhaps it was my hopeful mood. I am better and it shows to my wife, our neighbours and our children and grandchildren.

While I was in Calgary, I bought a new guitar. I have somehow let my playing slip and almost disappear over the past few years. The urge to play music has returned and I am glad that I have spent the money for this guitar. I have given my old guitar to my third grandson who has an interest. The older two grandsons are all about hockey and that is all good.

One of the things I have noticed since my return from France, is a distancing from Jungian psychology. I just want to be fully present in my life here on the Canadian prairies, albeit with a preference to be present without my clothing.