We are back in our home in China. We have lived in the same 150 square metre apartment since our first year here in 2006-2007. Well, it is almost the same. The first two years we lived in an identical apartment across the hall. As a result, it feels like home. Last year we had purchased paintings for the living room wall, as well as other Chinese hanging which decorate the rest of our split-level home. We have separate offices on the bottom level, with the kitchen and dining room on the upper level. Our bedroom and the living room are in between.

I am not sure why I needed to explain this, but if I am going to keep writing here, it might give some idea to whomever reads this about the setting for whatever comes next. I don’t know what will come next, but it looks as though I will be risking all in telling the world what will emerge.

I am going to consider myself my own client. I will be doing self-analysis in hopes that I do a better job of navigating the land in between the inner and outer worlds. Perhaps this will be my therapy station where I lay bare my soul.

My wife is out with one of our Chinese friends for a few hours this afternoon leaving me to relax. Jet lag is a real thing. We have a few days off before we have our first staff meeting. We will then have a few more days to get ready for our term one classes to begin. Since we have been through this before, and since I know what my courses are, I have already begun to make my term plans for the courses.

Now, I am signing off to get to work with those plans.