Morning coffee in Brampton

I am in Brampton. I get to sleep downstairs in my son’s house, a space that is almost like a private suite. I have been bonding with my grandson who is almost two years old while his parents are at work during the day. There is nothing else on my agenda other than a planned visit with a Jungian psychiatrist friend who will be in Toronto in a few days. My son will be going with me for this visit. He has the car and knows how to navigate the roads to where I will be meeting with Michael.

Since my little grandson is not well, he has been taking frequent naps during the day. With his parents at work, I have been spending my time alone not wearing clothes. This image, unplanned, somehow came into existence. Why?

While waiting for my wife to arrive, I am finding that I am missing her. It is as though there is a hole in my life. I have become very, very quiet. And it is that quietness that has me again vulnerable to the shadows.