I went outside of the compound for a mid-afternoon walk earlier today, a solo expedition. I wanted a specific kind of image that I could use to write up a series of posts on Alchemy for my Jungian Lens blog site, a place that I had been posting to quite regularly for more than a year. However, I hadn’t thought it would be an image of me nude. When I saw this location which was quite surrounded by brush, I took advantage of it to take a photo with me nude.

There was no way that I could use the image as it was as it was obviously just another photo of a naked man. I had to use the image four times to create a visual to represent the four principal stages of alchemy. Working with a photo editor, this is one of the four versions I came up with. I don’t want to go into alchemy here, as that is what the Jungian psychology blog site is all about. This place is about me.

There is no doubt that my nudity is an act of healing, something I am calling skyclad therapy. I feel how the exposure to sunshine is helping me cope with the shadows deep within me, shadows that have been growing since my first round of psychoanalysis in 1998. In a way, I am living an alchemy experiment. I am being baked, cooked in the Costa Rican sunshine. I wonder if I will be reborn out of the ashes like a phoenix?