Playa Jaco, Costa Rica

We have been in Costa Rica a couple of weeks. We have a small condo in a gated community. We are very close to the beach, just two blocks away. We have a small private space behind the condo where typically one would hang clothing out to dry. I have taken to using this space for nude meditation and sunbathing with the blessing of my wife. After all, no one can see over the eight-foot high walls of this small space.

I took this photo above in hopes of somehow turning it into a version of the Vitruvian Man. It is the first full frontal photo I have taken, something that I wouldn’t have thought of in the past. Something is shifting within me. I am becoming more obsessed with finding time to be nude. That obsession is psychological. This is the second year of my retirement and I am still trying to carve out a new way of being and living.

The Man in the Moon

This blog site is part of that new way of being. I realise that by putting this into the world, others whom I don’t know will be seeing it. But more important to me is the fact that I can look at the post as an observer. My psychological nature is always searching for ways to understand myself and others. Daring to see myself “fully” is daunting and revealing. I truly wonder what I will learn and if it even matters. Oh, and by the way, here is the version of the Vitruvian Man that I ended up with using a photo editing program, I call it “The Man in the Moon.”

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