This is my first “selfie” taken on the southern shore of the Gulf of Mexico. When I went for a solo walk this morning, I was feeling antsy. Our place along the shore is not very private , so other than in the Casa, nudity is a rare event. Even in this instance, because I just didn’t know if I would be seen, I kept my shirt on when I emerged from behind a dune to approach the sea.

Still, I do find time to sit nude in the sunshine, out of view, usually to meditate. I just don’t take photos of these events. One of my special times that has become quite regular, going for walks in the mangrove swamps not far from the casa. Like in the above photo, I walked only wearing a shirt when walking through the laguna. At times, I could have been seen by passing motorists on the one road that led to the small city of Progreso, Yucatan.

Will I become more adventurous and risk being seen without any clothing in the future? I have no problem going without clothing, in fact it is my preferred way of being. I just have issues with feeling safe.