Sanya balcony

We both got contracts to teach at a university in China following my retirement for the second time this past summer. We have finished the first term of exams and are enjoying a six-week break until the second term starts. The terms have sixteen weeks of classes and the second term always starts after the Chinese New Year. Because I had managed to connect with a Chinese woman called Jenny from Shanghai through an expat group. Jenny is her English business name, not her Chinese name. We were able to rent a condo from her for most of the term break, a condo in the city of Sanya. Now Sanya is considered to be China’s version of Hawaii. And the place is living up to that claim in our opinion.

My time for being nude is limited by me, to time spent on the balcony. There weren’t any nude photos taken by my wife [I don’t take them of myself] so I am only bringing a photo taken where I am nude beneath the dressing gown. I did get to do an evening skinny dip in the South China Sea thus keeping my record for skinny dipping in every suitable location possible. I did, however, get a photo of three youths doing this during the day time.

I took the photo a week ago along with many other beach photos that featured Chinese people. The strangest thing is that most people were dressed as if it was winter, which technically it is. While my wife and I were strolling the beach in bathing suits, many of the locals were wearing winter jackets. It didn’t make any sense to us since not everyone was dressed for winter.

Once we return to Changzhou and the university, there will be no time or opportunity for nude time. We have a busy schedule with teaching, social interactions, and exploring a whole new world.