December 2004

This image was taken by my wife, not the first image she has taken of me while I was nude in Cuba during this two week Christmas vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Veradero. My face betrays my mood. I had just been informed that my services as a principal was no longer required as of the end of the current school year. I have more than thirty years service, so it is a signal that it is time for me to retire. Somehow, I don’t feel like retiring.

Cuba. We aren’t staying at a nude resort or a clothing optional resort. However, it is an adults only resort. Almost every evening for the first few days we went skinny dipping into the ocean. And when we were in our small suite, I rarely wore any clothes. This was our first out-of-country holiday on our own not counting a trip to Tampa, Florida in 2001. In 2001 it was all about a trip to Disney World which we had won in a “calendar travel draw.” That trip had no skinny dipping activity.

We had been to Europe five times with school trips. Skinny dipping in the Mediterranean Sea happened in each of those trips in Nice, France once darkness had fallen. Skinny dipping had been a family affair for us as we raised our children. There was rarely a trip to any lake during warm weather than didn’t include swimming nude in the dark. At times, even some of our children’s friends would join in.

The first photo

Back to this trip to Cuba. This trip is different. There are photos. It was her fault as she took the first photo. I got my revenge and have more photos of her than she has of me. Despite our mutual disappointment about my future, we are making the best of our time here in the Caribbean, including snorkelling and golfing. Yes, we brought our golf clubs with us. We needed this trip.

In case you are wondering, no I am not going to post photos of my wife. This is my story, not hers.