Space Cadet Academy

I wrote this story for my sixth grandson who is a student in middle school. Like I had for all of my grandchildren as they were growing up, I had spent many hours telling bedtime stories, an activity that was still happening with him and his younger siblings. I created new stories each evening. Then Covid 19 happened. The number of times we could visit dwindled to almost non. Because of the pandemic, I decided to write a novel that could continue to tell him stories.

This novel tells the tale of three middle-grades students who, due to various circumstances, find themselves in Reykjavik, Iceland in an academy run by the International Space Federation. Benjamin is from Spain, Samantha is from Scotland, and Dirk is from the Netherlands. Their journey is inspirational for all those youth who find themselves on the outside looking in. Misfits can fit in and thrive.

This book is available at Amazon. To buy the book, click here.

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