An Audio Book Experiment

I am having my novels put into Audio Book format. Here are the first 15 minutes or so, Chapter One of A Small Company of Pilgrims. Let me know what you think of the speaker’s voice and whether it fits the story as you know it. Would his voice be appropriate? The voice isn’t mine. It belongs to another Canadian from eastern Canada. I have contacted him through ACX which produces most of the audio books in North America.


  1. I really enjoyed this brief audio excerpt. The voice is not jarring but is not dull either. Very easy to listen to.

  2. Good Morning, my friend. I hope this message finds you in the warmth of Central America sipping coffee as you watch and hear nature, our nature, awake. I heard your audio. It flowed well. The gentleman’s voice is easy to listen to, but his “quietness” would draw me to sleep. At my age that is no hard task! If possible, could he use a more conversational tone, rather than a space between a whisper and conversation. I think it would be worth your time to produce an audio book. Enjoy your day, Robert.

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