Updates on Writing Projects

It’s December 1st which means that the annual NaNoWriMo challenge is now officially over. For those who don’t know NaNoWriMo means National Novel Writing Month. The objective is to write a 50,000 word novel in thirty or less days, in November. I met that objective in three weeks. Now, the novel isn’t by any means finished. I have begun to edit from the beginning and post each chapter to a site called Wattpad. The book is called Father Time. Likely the title as well as the cover will change by the time the book goes through it’s second rewrite late next year. I have another book that is being published, chapter-by-chapter at Wattpad, called Memoirs of a Celtic God. You are invited to read these two books for free. I would just ask that you click on the star to “like” each chapter once it has been read. As well, if you have a comment, please don’t hesitate to add it to the chapter.

Yesterday, I had my final sales event of the year. It has been a good year with more than 200 paperback books sold. I sold books in three Edmonton stores, four Calgary stores, in Red Deer, Lethbridge, and in Regina. I attended fewer events this year because we spent six weeks travelling in Europe in the late summer and early fall. Next year? I will continue attending events with perhaps a few changes which will be announced when I know more information.

It won’t be long before this site will allow you to buy my books directly, online. I’m making arrangements for the enabling of using both credit cards and PayPal to make this easier for you.

In future posts, I hope to add more content here on both the main pages and this blog site. Until then, I wish you the best in this winter season and in the New Year.

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