Book-Signing Events Have Begun

I have just taken part in the first book-signing event for 2019. Yesterday, April 28th, in celebration of #IndieApril – celebrating authors who are outside of the traditional publishing world – I went to Indigo in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where I managed to sell and sign twenty paperback books. I also did a similar signing event last year in April in Saskatoon (it’s the closest book store) when I sold ten copies of my books. I have my second event in Lethbridge, Alberta this coming Saturday, and another event for Regina, Saskatchewan a week later. I hope to have another two or three events before the end of June.

For the first time, I am bundling the two sets of books together to sell at these events at a reduced price. Yesterday’s event saw three sets sold which suggest that readers like the idea of saving money if they can afford to buy a set of three books. It is probably why I sold so many books at this first event. I got the idea from my eldest daughter who wanted me to bundle a set of both series so that she could put them into a silent auction as a fundraiser in her community. As a result of yesterday’s initial success, I am making the author-signed sets available through special order here on my site at the same price, $49.95 which will include shipping and handling here in Canada.

For other currencies, I will sell the sets, unsigned at $49.95 US in the United States of America, 45.95€ in Western Europe, and £37.95 in the United Kingdom. The cost to send signed copies outside of Canada is extremely ridiculously expensive.

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