It is Done!

It is the last week of March, and I have finished a major project with regards to the novel series with René Beauchemin. I have rewritten the first two books in the series. The stories are now told in the first person, allowing René to tell the story. As a result of the rewrites, it was necessary to give the two stories new ISBNs, which then led to new covers. For those who have bought the first two books through Amazon, the new editions should be available simply by re-downloading the books.

So, why did I rewrite these books when the reviews have been very, very good? Well, it had to do with a few readers who wondered why the books weren’t in the first person since most of the stories would connect better to the reader with the use of “I” rather than “René.” I have used René’s journals and thoughts in too many places to have the third person fit comfortably. Now that it is done, I have to agree with those brave readers who voiced those thoughts.

Now, about the covers – the newest cover features the image of Belanus, the Celtic solar god. Since the story involves this particular Celtic deity, as well as more than a handful of other Celtic deities such as Lugh, Brigantia, Neit, and Aine, I reconsidered the use of the Cathedral in Porto as I originally posted here the last time.

For now, I am taking a break before I return to writing and editing. I have a new series in the works that will keep me more than busy when I return to Canada from my winter getaway in Ecuador. One of the projects is an anthology of poetry. A second project will have me attempt translation of a Dutch story into English, a story written by an author friend in the Netherlands. The third project will have me trace the roots of my family name. So far, I have made connections that go back to the beginning of the 11th Century with a clear line that navigates hundreds of years in Europe. This last project will be a blend of fiction and fact, and will likely take more than a few books to be produced in the telling of the full tale.

Until the next time, be well and stay safe.

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