The Third Novel is a Go

It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s a day all about love. It seems like a good day to announce that the eBook version of my third René Beauchemin novel is now live. Just a recap of books one and two are in order before I launch into book three. Book one introduces René as he walks the Camino Francés which begins in a small town in France and wends its way 800 kilometres to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. This is a story of a man who becomes more conscious of himself through his interactions with others with whom he walks the pilgrimage. The story is a mix of realism with a touch of the magical when it comes to certain situations – what is real and what is imagined, or magical in nature? The story of René’s journey follows the classical hero’s journey that is found in stories such as the Odyssey.

In Book two, René is back at home in Canada where he begins rebuilding his life, a changed man. Part of that process includes reinvesting in his professional life as a mental-health counsellor. He expands his involvement with others by giving presentations about his Camino experience and teaching meditation. The story shows René in action as a psychotherapist, meditation leader, and a presenter. Along the way, his life is complicated due to two women.

In Book three, René finds himself back in Europe, again walking to Santiago de Compostela. However, this time there is a difference. He is walking with his new wife from Lisbon, Portugal, a shorter Camino. In this story, we again have a heroic journey which has a significant Celtic presence. As with all heroic journeys, life will never be the same for either René or his new wife, Angela.

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