Editing, Editing, and More Editing

I am on the final run-through of a final edit before sending my third book in the memoir series to press. As you can see, the cover has been prepared to fit in with the two previous versions which have been republished with new covers. This third book is the final book in the series that tackles the history of child abuse, my history. The first book in the series looked at the roots of abuse before my birth and tracked my life until I was desperate to leave my life. For a while that included serious considerations of suicide. In the second book, I trace the journey of escape from my past to find a new life. In the process, the past was buried and blocked from my consciousness. I literally “forgot” my past though like anyone suffering from PTSD, there were episodes of dysfunction along that road of escape.

This third book tells the story of my life as an adult, which to all appearances appeared to be a normal and satisfactory life. It all comes apart, bit-by-bit as the past began to emerge. This third book is the journey I followed to find healing and peace. In my research, I have found that a surprising number of others who have suffered childhood, sexual abuse have followed similar journeys using most of the same healing strategies. Now, on the cusp of turning seventy years old, I find myself content with life. I have stopped thinking of myself as a victim and have reclaimed my life under my terms. I have self-respect and worry much less about what other people think of me, or how I should live my life.

In my next post, I will post the link that will allow you to pre-order the eBook version. Of course, I do hope that you read the first two books. That said, the book can stand alone on its own, just as I now can stand on my own two feet as a mentally-healthy man.

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