A Year in Review – 2018

Over the past several days, I have been going over my records since publishing my first eBook in 2014. I first published at Smashwords and then made a switch to CreateSpace and Amazon a year later at which time I began to sell paperback books as well. I had sold print books at Blurb beginning in 2009 until 2015. As of this past year, CreateSpace has been absorbed into Amazon and as such doesn’t really exist anymore for me as a publisher and author. So, I am rethinking my approaches to publishing for the future.

All of this activity on my part has revealed just how many books have left my hands and made into the hands of readers, some as gifts and the rest being sold. Below are the results as far as my records are concerned. Any errors would only mean that I have sold more books, not less.

  • Title …………………………………………………………. Print copies … eBook copies … Total copies
  • Through a Jungian Lens: Swamplands 10 292 302
  • Through a Jungian Lens: Tunnel Vision 20 0 20
  • Through a Jungian Lens: Hero’s Journey 1 395 396
  • Broken Boy 361 310 671
  • On the Broken Road 272 566 838
  • A Small Company of Pilgrims 248 416 664
  • It’s Complicated 92 17 109
  • Naked Poetry: Book 1 29 370 399
  • Naked Poetry: Book 2 24 19 43
  • Naked Poetry: Book 3 16 10 26

Final results – 3476 books have found homes. These numbers don’t indicate real reader interest or dis-interest, as all of the Through a Jungian Lens books, and the Naked Poetry books have been taken our of circulation for several years. Only four books are now available for sale through Amazon. Bringing back the old titles is part of my projects for the upcoming year.

In addition to addressing the needs to put things in order for these older books, I have two books approaching publication. The third and final book in my autobiography series will be published in April. The first novel which will be published with a pseudonym, René Beauchemin. A third book which will be the first in a historical series is in progress. There is more going on, but I will save the rest for future posts.

In 2019, I intend on again doing a few book-signing tours. In addition to this venue for book sales, I want to invest more energy, and money in promoting the eBook ventures which have been neglected forcing them to live a life on their own.

Now, with all that said, I wish everyone who finds their way to this page, a Happy New Year.

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