A New Look For the Web Site

The image says it all. NoNaWriMo is done for 2018. The objective of writing 50,000 words in 30 days or less was accomplished. The story is different from anything I have yet written. Rather than have mythological characters barely exist in the background, a cast of Celtic gods and goddesses take on the role of main characters, including the protagonist. I wrote just over 54,600 during the thirty days. The story ended in such a fashion that it appears that the novel is an introduction of sorts to a series of stories involving these characters. Another thing I did differently in this book is to use the first person perspective, and to use a pseudonym as the author. Why? I want to separate genres of writing with different author names. I’ll likely write more about this in the future.

With that book now set in the background for the present, and with the third book in my autobiographical series finished with the exception of a few more proofreaders to send me their “finds,” I am returning to a project that I started earlier this year, a novel version of my family history. I guess you would call it a social history. The story begins in the mid-ninth century in France and will end in the mid-twentieth century in Canada. It will likely take a few books to get the story told.

Kindersley Trade Fair

Onto book sales for the year. I attended nineteen book-signing events at various Chapters and Indigo book stores from Winnipeg to Edmonton selling 315 books in the process. This has been my busiest year for selling books, and the most successful. Yet, that wasn’t the only venue I chose for selling books. I was persuaded by my wife to branch out and try selling at community craft and trade fairs. Two weeks I did just that and went to Kindersley, Saskatchewan to do give it a try with the result of selling another 24 books. The experience was good enough to have me try for a second event on December 15th, again in another location in Kindersley – a Christmas trade fair. Books make for good Christmas gifts. I will give a report of its success or whatever happens in my next blog post.

Over the past week I have taken down my old Author Web Site at this same web address and created this new and improved version. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the new reality with myself as a genuine professional author. Let me know what you think of my new website.

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