Playing Chess With a Writing Career

Playing chess in Tumbes, Peru 2018.

I have finally taken some time to add a significant piece to my business as a writer and publisher. Having a web site that will feature my books is something that I have talked about for a long time, but have failed to actually do for an assortment of reasons, none of which are worth mentioning.

After having spent four months in South America – one month in Peru where this photo was taken, and another three months in Ecuador, I had a lot of time to think about how I would re-approach the business of being a writer and publisher.

I began by scheduling a number of book-signing events and then working on preparing my business taxes for the CRA [Canadian Revenue Agency]. In that process, I noticed that I hadn’t been taking advantage of advertising and communications for my business as tax deduction strategies. I filed my taxes with a vow to follow up on getting a domain name for a web site and finding a web hosting service to hold that name. I followed through on the vow, and the result is this site that you are now visiting.

It’s a beginning, almost like the opening move in a chess game. Let’s follow along and see where this all takes me.

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