A Canadian Author and Pilgrim

Robert G. Longpré in Paris 2015

Roots. It’s all about roots. A writer draws upon him/herself and the world around her/himself. Perhaps, more importantly, a writer draws unconsciously from within, the personal unconscious that is tied to a deeper and vaster collective unconscious. My roots are in Canada. My heritage comes from French, English, Irish, Spanish, and First Nations peoples. These roots are the wells which I draw from in order to craft my stories, both fiction and non-fiction. It can’t be any other way.

As one of the influences in my life, James Hollis put it:

“Whatever reality may be, it will to some extent be shaped by the lens through which we see it”.

The lenses through which I see and understand my world are that of family, Jungian psychology, Canadian culture, Buddhism, Christianity, naturism, and extensive travel around the world. As well, I also see the world through the lens of my camera. You can get a good sense of my sense of reality on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and to some extent, LinkedIn.

In the pages, in the menu above, you will be able to learn about my books, including book reviews; find out how to purchase those books, as both eBooks and print books; and learn about my latest book writing projects, as well as book-signing events.

Welcome to my world.