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This book begins a new series called, The Journey of Healing, which tells the author's story of childhood abuse. One doesn’t heal if one buries trauma under layers of denial. One has to expose trauma and come to terms with that trauma as it has shaped one’s life and will continue to shape that life in spite of conscious intentions. Hiding and denying leaves one crippled in spirit and soul. Through making oneself vulnerable, one is able to move past the fear that paralyses and leaves on stuck in the past as a victim. This book tells the story of the roots of family dysfunction and how those roots created the conditions that allowed a male child to suffer childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abandonment, and a loss of hope.

The story begins in Ottawa in the late 1940s. As the years roll by, the story continues as the family crisscrosses numerous times across Canada from Quebec to British Columbia. Along the way, it was in Alberta that the author found a place that could almost be called home. To say more would be to spoil the story. It's not a feel-good story, nor does it end for the author "happily ever after." It is a story that exposes abuse and abusers. It is a story that looks dispassionately from an adult standpoint of how this had happened, and perhaps even what conditions were present to have others choose him as prey. Thought it isn't a feel-good story, there is an element of hope, that one can escape and find hope in a new life in a new place.  The rest of the story is told in two more books.

Book one in the autobiographical series which looks at the roots of abuse and the journey through that abuse. The book is available in print format from Amazon. Ebook versions are to be found at Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.

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This book is the second in the series, The Broken Road. When the story was written, there was no concept of a series of books to tell a story. This story was simply a tale, a love story that was based on the author's real-life experiences. The original title of the book, On the Broken Road to a Magical Other, was a blend of a song called "God Bless the Broken Road," by Rascal Flatts; and a concept in Jungian psychology that I had studied in the book by James Hollis called, The Eden Project. The story is real, the places are real, and the people are real though names have been changed as they should. Where the first book in the series ends, this book continues.

The author, having left his home as a young man, wanders gypsy-like, with no real destination in mind. He simply wants distance from his past, from the source of his pain as a child and youth. The setting of the story covers Canada from Ottawa to Vancouver Island in the spring and summer of 1970, the summer of Flower Children, hitch-hiking, and the Strawberry Fields music festival.

The reader is given a full-sense picture of what life for a young man or woman was like during what was a magical time. Of course, to say more would be saying too much. What I can tell you is that the story does continue in a third book in the series which is currently being revised with a release date to be set for later in 2018.

Book two in the autobiographical series tells the story of the flight from abuse and falling in love. The book is available in print format from Amazon. Ebook versions are to be found at Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.

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