Naked Poetry 2

Continuing on from the first page of poetry, here is the second set of ten of thirty poems were written for NaPoWriMo, poems with a naturist theme – naked body, naked psyche, naked truths – written while in a state of being clothes-free.

  1. Decisions, Decisions – What Shall I Wear?
  2. Wanting More and More
  3. Feel Better Naked
  4. Waiting On a Bus
  5. Waiting On the Weather

1. Decisions, Decisions – What Shall I Wear?

To be clothed or not to be clothed
that is the question that gets
debated, an inner debate that
contains no words, only feeling

Where most dither over what
will be worn for the coming
part of the day,
some weigh the question
“Do I have to wear something?”

Going to sleep is simple
no clothing
no underclothes
no pyjamas
and if it is warm
no bed coverings either

Unless even in bed
when the lights are out
and there is no one else
in the bed or house
anxiety demands
a layer or two of clothing
so one can feel “decent”
and “moral”

2. Wanting More and More

It takes time
to open up
to the freedom
of bare skin.

There are fears
and voices from
our past which
tell us it’s
bad and to put
our clothing
back on.

Bit by bit
with the security
of shuttered doors
draped windows
one dares the

The first step
turns a life corner
creating an ache
for more
and more.

3. Feel Better Naked

“Feel good half naked!”
says the ad
promoting the illusion
of allure, control, sex
and body freedom.

Feel better fully naked
is the only response worthy
to be uttered
in order to escape the
power of overt and
subliminal control.

Refusing to be a
consumer of fashion
refusing to be told
how our bodies
should feel
is the ultimate freedom.

In the skin one is born with
the real beauty emerges
a beauty based on honesty
a beauty of body, mind and soul
a wholeness that emerges
when one feels comfortable
and natural when nude.

4. Waiting on a Bus

¿Habla Espagnol, senor?
No hablo espagnol
¿Habla Inglés?

With only a bit of angst
tickets to fly
away from sun, sand and surf
were secured two days early
leaving only waiting
for the bus

Waiting in a courtyard
reading skyclad in the late afternoon
following skinny dipping in the sea
waiting until night fell and
waiting until the final day

A morning meditation interrupted
with a gift with the gift bearer
not perturbed that the meditator
was unclothed and knowing that
a return would follow
in the new year

A late morning final stroll
of the beach ending with
a longer than usual
nude swim in the sea
before heading back
to villa

An afternoon spent
sunbathing in the sacred spot
claimed as personal
months ago and then a final swim

Now, it’s a return to the end
of a Prairie’s winter
and the need to once again
wear clothing
Now it’s time to wait for the bus
that will fly us home.

5. Waiting on the Weather

Eyes peer out at the landscape
covered in snow and the fall of
small snow flakes that say
“Not now!” for the urge to sit
in the sunshine and glow with the
rays of sunshine that are hidden
behind grey skies.

There is an ache inside, a slight
twisting of spirit for what is
denied in a land so cold
a land that says, “Not Now!”
to being sky clad.

The outer world greyness is
matched with an inner world
dimming of energy, as though
one finds that the journey
is now traversing so dark
swampland of soul, holding
on to the promise of
re-emergence into the
world of light and warmth’

While waiting on the weather.

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