Morning Reflections on Nudity in Images


As with most mornings, I sit with my wife on the love seat in our living room, slowly waking up with fresh-ground coffee in our mugs. This morning, my head was swirling with scenes that could become part of my latest naturist novel. But it wasn’t just the novel that vied for my attention.

Yesterday, I sent out a tweet that bemoaned the inundation of images that purported to be naturist images. Of course, I am used to this phenomenon of men posting images of beautiful, trim and slim young women in all sorts of poses. Maybe the women were naturists, but the intent of the men tweeting the images was not about naturism.

I received the latest copy of AANR’s magazine called, The Bulletin. I had left the magazine on the kitchen table and my wife reacted to the image on the back cover, another “beautiful young thing” in all her glory in an advertisement for a nude cruise. The magazine was advertising the nude cruise for whom? The advertisement was selling a product using sex appeal. Now, how many women would resist booking such a trip, especially women of a certain age.

Of course, single men would buy a ride on the boat hoping that the promise of catching the attention of the “beautiful young thing.” But the problem is, very few single men belong to AANR, which is predominantly a club focused entity; and you typically can’t belong to a club when you are a single man. So, why did AANR accept the ad the way it was designed. I mean, the advertisement could have featured a man and/or a woman that didn’t look as if they were models.

Nude images are fraught with problems for the person captured in the image, and for the photographer, the worst of which appears to be how the images are used by others for an intent that has nothing to do with the photographer’s intent. It irks me to no end when images are turned into objects of fantasising and then hashtagged as #naturism.

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