Naked and Safe in Darkness

Safe in darkness, waiting for day to come.

One of my favourite times of the day is in the early morning while I get to sit in my living room in what is mostly darkness, waiting for daylight to appear. The scene outside my window changes from a black sky with one small lamp lighting an entrance to a building to one side, a flickering light atop an antenna tower about seven kilometres away on the hills in the south, and that is about it – until the darkness begins to shift, slowly, to dawn.

I feel comfortable in this early morning darkness, but I much prefer sunshine and warm temperatures which invite me to be outside, skyclad. It wasn’t always like this. It wasn’t many years ago that I hid my need for being skyclad in sunshine. Back then, I was going crazy, slowly losing my soul. If it hadn’t been for my feeling at home in darkness, I would never have survived this long. Darkness held my sanity intact. In the darkness, no one saw or cared if I spent those hours without clothing.

Turning on the lights in dark corners.

This morning, I took advantage of the darkness to go outside regardless of the fact that the temperature was at the freezing point, 0C/32F. I set up my camera with the timer set, and then set the scene for my daily photo for my journal. Then, I turned on a few lights. I was outside, exposed. Down the street, I saw lights on in a few houses, as well as two vehicles warming up. The town had begun to wake up and the possibility of being seen by anyone passing by was real. Then, I took the photo which you see above. I wasn’t hiding in darkness anymore.

I began to spend time in darkness, awake and unclothed, when I was a teenager, and adolescent on the verge of being a man. It was the only quiet time for me in a house filled with eight children. I had a lot to process and found being naked and listening to classical music being played at very low sound levels in the darkness to be an act of healing. It was all about privacy and freedom and safety. Perhaps these early experiences taught me more than I realised.

I still enjoy darkness, but I don’t hide in it anymore.

4 thoughts on “Naked and Safe in Darkness

  1. I like the fact that you took the time regardless of the temperature to follow your bliss. That quiet moment feeling whole and at peace. We should all be so lucky. I haven’t not been brave enough to follow in your footsteps as, here as well, the temperature is 4c and there is a brook not far from where I live that I have wanted to explore skyclad. I find that my happiest moments are being naked and one with nature without a care in the world.

    • We each have our own story, Fabien. There is no way to compare our stories with any sort of self-judgement in the process. We each must walk our own, individual paths.

  2. In my younger days, after I married and settled down in our home, the area had few other homes and no street lights or sidewalks. Traffic was light on the two lane county road in front of the house, so I was able to wander around our two acre lot clothes free at night. A few years later, I became brave or foolish enough to sit on my lawn tractor and mow for 2 hours clothes free. I have also walked around nearby neighborhoods in the night while nude. For me, being nude is calming and relaxing. I am at peace with the universe.

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