A Snowy Day on the Prairies and Still Skyclad

It’s not something to cheer about, but sometimes snow is magical.

It’s not really that time of year again as autumn has just begun, even here in Canada. But the weather doesn’t seem to be paying attention to tradition in the least. Thankfully, this snowfall like the one’s before it will disappear before winter sets in for good. If the meteorological forecast is to be believed, we will hover between 3 and -3 for the next two weeks with occasional dips to lower temperatures to be expected. As a result, the carrots and the beets came off the garden today – yes, harvested from beneath the snow as the ground has not yet frozen.

The goingNatural magazine for the FCN, summer edition has just passed its final go through. Now, it is up to the webmaster to make it available through the website for members to peruse on-line. Alex and I will begin working on the autumn edition which will hopefully be ready to be read by the end of November. It took us about six weeks to get this first-for-us edition out. Assuming we do the same with another two month between editions, we’ll have the winter edition out by the end of January. Then, we hope to return to the traditional publishing pattern following the seasons.

I just got home from an unexpected return to Red Deer to care for grandchildren for five days. With any luck, I will get to stay home until October 19th, a full two weeks of “she-he-we” time. I have a short story to continue with hopes of getting it published by a “traditional” magazine. I am also intending to do a major re-write of the third book of my autobiography as it has become too large and cumbersome. The lack of focus is glaring. The reader would only get lost in trivia rather than get something out of the re-wounding and healing processes.

On another front, I have updated my author site to reflect the fact of my being an Indigenous writer in Canada. For those who eventually read the three book series of my story, that fact will have the story become more truth-telling than story-telling.

Now, it’s time for a cup of tea in the living room with my wife. And yes, I am and will remain clothing free until it is time for our evening meal. I always dress for meals shared with my wife and others.

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