Wandering in the Wilderness With My Clothes On

Putting the Buddha fountain away before freezing weather arrives.

The title of today’s blog post could be seen as misleading, especially because of the word, wilderness. I haven’t posted here for some time and it has mostly to do with mood and energy levels. For the past four weeks, the weather has been unseasonably cool with temperatures often in the single digits [Celsius]. Yesterday, there was a break in the cloud cover allowing the temperature to soar to 13 C. I took advantage of the small window of opportunity to spend about a half hour outside without clothing. I emptied the Buddha fountain and placed it in the garage for safe keeping over the winter. Then, I simply sat still in a protected area to soak in the sunshine before the clouds rolled back in which they did before too many more minutes passed.

More than anything, it has been the dreariness and lack of sunshine – cloud cover, smoke-filled skies – that have me coping with a loss of energy. It is almost as if I am suffering a seasonal-affective disorder -S.A.D. The wilderness was an inner landscape that denied me access to a more expansive inner world of imagination, creativity, and connection with the muses. I didn’t even have the ambition or desire to meditate.

The S.A.D. experience left me listless when it came to writing or taking photos. Added to the influences of weather and mood was a road trip to be with my son’s family. My wife and I were baby-sitters for a week for his two children [eight and one] and two dogs. For them, I had enough energy to invest in being grandfather. When each day was done with the last one in bed, I soon followed suit with no energy left to even watch TV. My wife and I returned to our home two days ago and found ourselves immersed in catching up with harvesting the garden and putting up produce for winter consumption. Again we filled our daytime hours only to be drained come the night time.

Today, as I write this just prior to our midday meal, the sky is grey, the temperature is 8 Celsius, and there is a faint hint of a shower in progress. A few moments ago, I took our squash off the garden to store in the protected garage for the remainder of the autumn. I have hedge trimming, and cedar trimming to do before too many more days pass. My hope is that I get a few more windows of sunshine so that I can do some of these yard tasks nude.

I guess I must be getting acclimatised to the greyness as the words are once again beginning to flow.

6 thoughts on “Wandering in the Wilderness With My Clothes On

  1. The weather can definitely affect my mood and energy levels. Hot days, cold days, and cloudy days seem to drain all of the energy and motivation from me. I’m 76 years old, have had both hips replaced, and my right knee replaced twice, so walking is a major energy drain for me. On a bright, sunny, clear, crisp, spring or fall day my energy and motivation levels climb and I can get a lot of work done. Otherwise, it is a major effort just to get up out of my chair.
    My wife and I have two granddaughters (4 and 2) and a new grandchild on the way (in December). When they come over to stay with us, which is fairly often, by the end of the time they are here, we are completely worn out. We love to have them stay with us, but it is really difficult at our age to keep up with their ceaseless energy.
    We live in the Kansas City Metro Area of Missouri, so our temperatures are still fairly warm (low to mid-80os F.), but we are cool enough to get our property ready for winter, which we have been doing for the past week.
    I just wrote this to let you know that you are not the only one to have their motivation and energy levels be affected by the weather.

    • Thank you. William. Low to mid 80s would be an awesome improvement. We are ranging from 35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit here with no improvement in the long range [two weeks] forecast. So far, I have been lucky to still have all my original joints. Joint pain is there, but manageable most of the time. In time I will become acclimatised and back at normal energy levels.

  2. I, too, know so very well the times of lack of creativity, even despondency, so often caused by the weather … or the weather in combination with a number of other things, personal or national/cultural. You’re not alone in this mood …

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