A Change of Pace – The Naked Author

On the road to Calgary.

I’ll have to admit it, I am an author, and I write poetry, non-fiction, and novels while naked. Of course it isn’t just while writing that I slip out of my clothing. The truth is, I take every opportunity possible to be clothing-free.

For three nights, I am staying in a campground at the west end of the city, staying in my R-Pod trailer. The campgrounds are located on the slopes of hill about an hour from the Rocky Mountains. There are enough locations away from the eyes of the other campers for me to enjoy a few moments while nude.

Here comes the sun – yes, I honour the sun at every opportunity.

Currently, I am on a book-signing tour with three stops in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in progress. Yesterday I was at the Spectrum Chapters store on the east side of the city. This morning I am in the south-west side of the city at the Signal Hill Indigo book store. Tomorrow, Canada Day, I will be signing books in the south-east side of the city at Shepard Centre Indigo. I have to admit that I enjoy signing books and talking to people about the books and listening to them tell me their stories.

Once the last signing has taken place, I will be driving off to pick up my youngest grandson who will spend the next week with my wife and me. We will be taking him to visit his cousins in the U.S.A. It should be all fun and games and leave me totally worn out. I am not sure when I will be posting again. But until then, Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day!

2 thoughts on “A Change of Pace – The Naked Author

  1. Safe travels and good luck with the book signings.
    We have driven nude occasionally, too. Did you on your way to Calgary?

    Jan&Gary ☀️😊

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