Skyclad Time Away From Home

Green Haven club house

In the wee hours of Sunday morning I will be leaving my home in a small town on the Canadian prairies to spend a full week at Green Haven Sun Club which is about a four and a half hour drive from here. I will make the journey alone and stay alone for almost the whole time at the naturist campgrounds. Needless to say, the past few days have been busy as I try to finish off as many tasks as I could before I leave.

Deconstructing wooden pallets for wood working projects with my grandchildren.

Today it was a planting morning as my wife and I bought shrubs and grasses in the city yesterday. I dug holes and she planted. We make a good team with these kind of activities. This afternoon while she was at work, I had a different task – to cut up old pallets so that I would have wood for building birdhouses with my grandchildren, as well as for other projects they might think of such as making decorative signs with wood-burning using magnifying glasses.

Once I finished with that task, I rummaged through my book shelves in search of books to use for a planned series of posts during the week to come. I will spend most of my writing time with my book project, but I will also be making time for a return to blending in some Jungian psychology with naturist themes.

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