Free-Hiking as Naked Walking Meditation

Free-hiking with White Bear Lake in the background

Today I went on my first extended free-hike into the hills and valley not too far from my home in a little town on the prairies. I drove to a suitable spot which was the beginning of this trail that would take me for a four mile, or six kilometre hike where there was an almost certainty that no one would see me hiking while skyclad as in the photo above. What cultivated fields had to be passed existed were already planted.

road closed

I walked to my usual turn-around point, a sign that said, “Road Closed.” I wanted a photo of the sign as I hope to use it for the third book of my autobiography told as a story. The photo has only the sign, not an image of me without clothing as the market for the book is almost entirely the older textile community.

Then, with the photo taken, I decided to take advantage of a sunny and warm day, and the mosquito spray that had not yet worn off, to go further west towards White Bear Lake.

It didn’t take me long to begin passing the

Pale yellow flowers on the prairies.

south side of the northern end of the lake which had taken a bend heading east. I was walking where there was no trail through the fields. I spotted some pale yellow flowers as I walked along through a grass field that would be baled by the middle of the summer. I think they were buffalo bean flowers.

And then, the mosquitoes decided that I was good enough for a mid-afternoon snack. It was time to head back to my truck parked three kilometres away. Three-quarters of an hour later I got to the truck and put on my shorts and tee-shirt to drive the seven remaining kilometres to my home.

Free-hiking had become a blessed act of walking meditation as my skin breathed in the sunshine without my mind getting in the way. It was an afternoon well spent. I’m looking forward to more such free-hiking adventures between now and the approach of winter.


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