Taking Care of Business, Skyclad

The final preparations for the garden.

The visit to Lethbridge is done and a good number of books were sold at the Chapters store in that small city. Now, I am back home taking care of business. The business included tilling the garden for a second time, and then taking a spade to the section that was still too wet for the use of the tiller. Now that is is ready, my wife will soon plant seeds which will provide us with a welcome harvest in the months to come.

Another part of the business that was waiting for me at home was the preparation of second editions, Canadian editions of my books. The René Beauchemin novels are now available at Amazon in their new formats. The Broken series of autobiographical books will be available in a matter of days as I have only proofs waiting for my attention. New size, new ISBN, and a new look for each of the four books. Now, I am back to re-writing book three for both series.

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