Back on the Road Again

A Buddha moment

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are off on another road trip, this time to Lethbridge, Alberta where I have a book-signing event, as well as some making and smoking of venison sausage at my brother-in-law’s house. Today was all about taking care of a few chores around the house, and doing some editing work on one of my books which will then be re-published as a second edition in the relatively near future.

Mowing the back lawn with Buddha supervising

First on the agenda was the mowing of front and back lawns. As usual, the back lawn was done while I was skyclad. Once that was done, I hauled out another section of basement wall wood slats which were removed to further expose cracked cement. The repair person will becoming in mid-

Removing nails

June to patch up the cement which will then allow me to replace the wood and drywall on the two walls that I have exposed. Once the wood was outside, I removed the nails so that the wood could be reused. Then, I took the wood into the garage to be stored out of the sun and possible rain until it’s time to reuse the wood.

With the outdoor tasks done, it was time for a Radler in the sunshine before heading back into the house to return to my work of editing another book. Until the next time, “Cheers!”

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