The Day After WNGD – In the Garden and Naked

Tilling the garden.

World Naked Gardening Day was yesterday and like a few others, I managed to get in a bit of garden pre-work while skyclad. This morning I actually got into the garden in order to till the soil so that it will be ready for my wife to plant seeds in due time.

Since many naturists find themselves needing to work on WNGD, their WNGD is typically

Lukas in the flower garden by the patio.

postponed until the day after (today) such as Lukas, my friend in The Netherlands.

That said, Lukas and most other naturists that I know usually do naked gardening all through the gardening season(s) when the weather is cooperative. The only time we would wear clothing in the garden while working is when a non-naturist would be present in the garden area. The last thing any naturist wants to do is to offend others and put their opportunity to be nude outdoors at risk. It just isn’t worth it.


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