May the Journey You Travel Include Time for Nudity

On the road to Prairie Suns.

Yesterday I took a trip to visit my friends Brian and Nancy at their home which is an acreage that serves as the home base of the Prairie Suns Naturist Club, a travelling club [non-landed]. I had three reasons for making the drive, a two-hour drive, to visit them. First, I wanted to simply visit them as friends and check out on their health and well-being. We talk on the phone, but it isn’t the same as being there face-to-face.

The second reason was to enjoy some clothing-free time with them. Some of our time was spend simply sitting in the sunshine using the house as a windbreak, then we had a great lunch which Brian prepared, then it was time for getting into the hot tub, a welcome treat as the sky had clouded over and it felt a bit cooler than chilly. A bit more time visiting and it was time for me to leave to return home. Unlike my drive to their place, the return trip involved me wearing clothing for the last half as I had a stop to gas up the car.

Eagle Creek has broken its banks.

On the drive back, I stopped twice to get a few photos in nature. This photo was taken in a valley near the highway [yes, potentially visible]. The usually small creek which often appears to be still with very little water, has overflown its banks to become a miniature lake with a river that continues on down the valley behind me.

Today, I am back home, doing an assortment of tasks such as writing, doing a few basement repairs prep work, and arranging for future book-signings. With that, I’ll leave you to enjoy your May 4th – May the Force be with You!

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