Enjoying Sunshine Au Naturel at Home

Sunshine and a windbreak

I am back home and busy with living my life, one day at a time. It has been sunny, off and on, for the few days since my return. Though it isn’t very warm out, I am managing to get some occasional sun outdoors because of the windbreak created by my neighbour’s garage.

Now that I am back in my office with all of my resources at hand, I have begun the process of reformatting my books to create 2nd editions, Canadian editions. The first naturist novel has been

A calm place in the sun

successfully updated and will be available for sale online in print format by the beginning of the week. The second naturist novel will likely be ready very soon after the first one.

The rush for these two books is due to low inventory numbers on hand. I have two book-signing events planned for May and I am hoping for another three to six such events in June. I don’t have enough of these two novels for June sales. Ergo, the need to get this work of reformatting done so that I can order more books from the printers before those June events.

Tomorrow, I am off to visit a couple of naturists for the day. I will bring the results of my time with them here a day or two later. For now, it’s time to help prepare our evening meal.

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