A Naked Coffee Break From Writing in the Cabin

Enjoying coffee in cooler weather – indoors.

After a week of relatively decent temperatures and three days of warmer weather, today’s overcast conditions has me felling content to spend time indoors. As usual, that means I am writing. An interesting project had been suggested by a writing buddy of mine – an anthology of short stories by three naturist writers. I was sold with the idea almost immediately. I have ideas for about three such stories.

The first story will be about a naturist getting a massage from a non-naturist masseuse. Hopefully it will paint a realistic picture of the interaction between the two in a scenario that doesn’t devolve into some sort of erotica as most non-naturists would expect. The second story will feature a woodland scene involving a Celtic god and goddess, as well as a supporting cast. The third story will serve as an introduction to my novel, It’s Complicated.  Needless to say, I am not rushing into these short stories as I am rather focused on my historical novel set in Northern France at the end of the eleventh century.

Today is a writing day as my son-in-law has left for work and my daughter finds herself busy with Sunday stuff and other projects she has put off for a little while. My wife is out walking with our daughter’s big, black dog. The likelihood of seeing animals in the wilderness that surrounds this northern cabin home will be none because of the dog, and that’s okay as the black bears are now out of hibernation. So, in one respect, this is a good thing that she has the dog along with her. But, it does mean she won’t get to see any deer or moose, or get somewhat close to birds.

Tomorrow we leave at an early hour to return to our home on the southern Canadian prairies. It will be a long day as our home is almost a thousand kilometres from our daughter’s home. With that said, I’ll leave you now so that I can return to writing.

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