Just a Naturist Note While Visiting

I have one more day of visiting my son and his young family before travelling on to visit the eldest of my three children in her home. This is an incredible way to spend time while waiting for the weather to become friendlier for a naturist. I did find a small window of opportunity with a bit of sunshine in spite of the cool weather. Naturally, any opportunity to be clothing free is treasured.

I have been busy playing with a grandson and a granddaughter for it will likely be at least six weeks before another such opportunity presents itself in early June. When they are otherwise occupied during the early part of the day, such as at this point in time – school and shopping – I turn to a bit of writing. The history novel has my attention at this point in time. I am finding the story interesting and look forward to how it will turn out. I will turn to more dedicated writing time once I return home at the beginning of May.

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