Naturist Author – Body Image and Book Image

I have created new business cards and am ready for my next book sale event.

I have been busy with doing the necessary work to become a more professional author and publisher over the past week. It’s a job that will likely keep me busy for some time yet. Today, I worked on two tasks, creating an Instagram account for myself as an author and publisher [the skyclad account has been in place for some time], and revising my business cards to include my new websites, Twitter, and Instagram connections. I am putting my new printer to good use already.

I added an Instagram account based on an article that I read regarding the use of social media for selling books. It was listed as the most important social media platform, with Twitter coming in second place, and Facebook relegated to third place. With all three of these in place for me as an author, I hope that my book sales increase this year as a result. Of course, it will mean a lot of work on my part to promote my books using these platforms. This is necessary work to build a positive author image in a world saturated with books, both digital and in print.

In naturism, we talk about building a positive body image. Regardless of one’s body type in comparison to others, we learn to accept and take care of our physical body so that we can enjoy life that much better. We eat better, take care of our health, exercise more within the constraints that our bodies demand from us. It is not enough to love one’s body. With love must come the hard work of caring for that body.

It’s the same for me as an author. It’s not enough for me to love my writings, I must still do the hard work of editing, rewriting, and marketing my writing. My books, like my body, need a lot of care and attention.

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