A Snippet of Unimportant Trivia in the Life of a Prairie Naturist

Setting up my new wireless printer/scanner/copier

I was intending to print out some document related to my Retired Eagle Books business two days ago and found that my old printer had finally decided retirement was the best option for itself. I need a printer for my home business, so it forced me to go out and buy a new printer. I won’t say anything about models or brands because this isn’t supposed to be a post to endorse any kind of product.

What I did do differently this time around was to hook up the wireless feature. Life has changed since the last time I bought a printer. I have a tablet and a smartphone as well as my laptop. My wife also has all three devices. It didn’t take me long to test out all the features including connecting to the printer wirelessly from all the devices. Job done to my satisfaction. Now, I can redo my business cards for the next book-signing event set for two weeks from today.

Life seems to be settling down following the return from Ecuador. The cold, winter conditions have been the hardest part of getting settled in. I miss being warm while outdoors. I am already searching out options for next winter. As for the rest of this winter [it’s still winter on the Canadian prairies in spite of what the calendar tells me], it will likely be sometime in May before I can truly enjoy being nude outdoors. Hopefully, by the time Naked Gardening Day rolls around, I can begin working our garden area in preparation for planting.

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