Nudity and Holiness – Joyful in the World of Naturism

Joy of being alive, free, and nude

Nudity isn’t all about seriousness. I have been talking a lot about the spiritual aspects of being naked and somehow, I think that we mistake spiritual with seriousness. There is definitely an element of humour and goodwill in being a spiritual person, or in meeting with our personal spiritual aspect.

Nudism shares a sense of goodwill and acceptance of others whether they are naked or still shy of making themselves vulnerable to others through nudity. After all, we all know that in spite of beliefs of sin or shame or cultural codes – everyone is born naked and remains naked underneath their clothing. There are no real surprises when it comes to seeing each other without clothing. In spite of a wide range of sizes, colour, complexion, body type or any other physically defining trait, there is one thing we all share – we are humans, male and female [or some where in between because of accidents of nature], with the sexual organs of our gender which are primarily in place for the reproduction of the species as well as for the enjoyment of each other as sexual beings. All of this is common sense.

Something that seems to be missing from common sense though is some clear-headed thinking. When we see a new born child, nude; we say that the child is beautiful. When we see our children nude as they grow up during those normal moments in home life, we see them as beautiful. When we see our spouse, our significant other nude, we say that he or she is beautiful. For in our eyes, our children and our life mates are beautiful in spite of bumps, bruises or blemishes they may have. We see them as they truly are beneath the skin. When God saw the naked male and female of her/his creation, the same feeling of good was spoken and recorded as the Word of God. Yet, somehow, in spite of God’s proclamation and our personal knowledge as parents and mates, the nude human body has become something to be ashamed of, something almost evil.

The Church versus God in the modern world.

Did God screw up? Do we humans somehow know better than God when it comes to nakedness? Think about it. Either God is a bungler or he/she is being misrepresented by those who have a vested interest in demonizing the human body, treating it only as something grossly pornographic. It seems most of our churches have weighed in on the matter and declared God to have erred in his/her statements in the Garden of Eden. Our church leaders have made the corrections and have in turn instructed us to ignore these words and listen to their version of the story, the true version according to the holy church leaders. What do you think? God doesn’t have a clue and our church leaders have all the answers?

Having it backwards where nudity is about Satan and concealing robes are about Jesus.

Now, if one really things about it all, it is absurd, even humourous. I imagine our church leaders showing up at the pearly gates dressed to the max in order to impress God with their piety and holy prudery. Imagine God in heaven, in the Garden, clothed only in light, the model from which she/he created the human species, a species that was and is created with each new birth, naked. Thinking of this scene brings a smile to my heart. God obviously has a sense of humour as well, another one of the gifts passed on to the Children of God.

The Church has gone to a lot of trouble to convince us that the “good” nudity of the Garden of Eden becomes the punished state of being in Purgatory and Hell. Heaven, is a place to hide the human body.  Of course our bodies know better. As soon as we are naked in nature, the ecstasy and joy radiate and fill our inner self and then radiate to be a testament to the original state of being that we call Paradise.

2 thoughts on “Nudity and Holiness – Joyful in the World of Naturism

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  2. Excellent point.I imagine God thinking that these church leaders misunderstood a lot of his/her intended messages about the body and nudity.The picture with this article is one of the best examples of the innocent fun of being nude at any age.

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