Threats to the Status Quo

Facebook friendly nudity – pretend there are no genitals.

Yes, no genitals are in evidence. So what does that say about the image? It’s not like I have placed a censor strip over the genitals to play games with social media which invites one to do all manner of stupidity to beat the system. Was there an operation to indicate a gender shift? No, it’s just a matter of pose. And perhaps it is also a psychological statement by the photographer or the person photographed [in this case, both the same person].

Board shorts – disguising the fact of gender.

It’s not really any different from the wearing of clothing that similarly removes the idea of sexuality and gender such as board shorts. Bikini brief swimwear accentuates the hidden presence of genitals. For women, this is very acceptable and appreciated. After all, society likes nothing more than sexy women. For a man, it’s a different story. Ridicule and disgust are the typical responses in North America. It is much more appropriate to wear swimwear like board shorts, and preferably with another pair of shorts beneath them to reinforce the idea and the fact that the disguise works.

There is no doubt that North Americans are phobic about male genitals. The sight of them incites anger, hatred, fear, loathing, and disgust. Any male that dares to allow a hint of a penis to show in fact or in outline, is automatically viewed as a threat to the moral compass of North Americans.

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8 Responses to Threats to the Status Quo

  1. sassycoupleok says:

    R you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. The nude male form (primarily the penis) is hugely underappreciated and disrespected for all the beauty and positive things it adds to the overall quality of many lives. After all, life begins there. Talk about gender inequality, how about starting the conversation here !!

    • skyclad says:

      Thanks, T. I think K. could weigh in on this as well. Perhaps between the two of you, a guest post is something to consider.

  2. Jack snyder says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. Appears to me that men are more phobic about this than women. I am a nudist. I frequently wear tights to the gym for yoga and Senior Circuit. I get weird looks from guys who are wearing shorts over briefs. The women don’t seem to care. I don’t wear anything under tights. We men should be able to wear tights also without any stigma attached to them. A lot of women wearing tights are exposing quite a bit. I wish we could all exercise nude

  3. Sad, but true. The status of men has taken a huge hit in the last several years with the rise of feminism. While feminists would decry it, Sports Illustrated can sell as many copies of their annual Swimsuit issue as they can print, while they wouldn’t even break-even if they tried to publish an issue featuring equally scantily-clad men. TV ratings go through the roof when women’s gymnastics or beach volleyball is on, but few are interested in watching the men.

    We have become almost an “endangered-species”…

    • skyclad says:

      Rather than an endangered species, I think that collectively and unconsciously, we are building a belief system that wants to limit honest dialogue and pulling back of projections. The collective always needs to have scapegoats. Nudity – breasts, vaginas, and penises – these are the enemy without faces. Once we have real faces of real people we may know, the projections dissipate.

  4. EarlD says:

    I gues my question is this is it inaccurate to say that a significant portion of the world’s population has had the male penis used as a weapon against them. I know I know it’s not the penis that is bad it’s the bad men hurt people. Sounds familiar. It feels too simple to say it’s phobic that implies there is no reality to experience of men and women for whom the penis is both symbolic and practical threat. But I am not I survivor I am just reflecting what I heard from surviviors so what do I know.

    • skyclad says:

      Earl, you are correct. The penis has been used as a weapon to punish and control, not only women, but children and men. Phobias surrounding the exposure of the penis are real. Yet, we are quick as a society to steer away from this discussion rather than face it head on. As for being a survivor, I am one. So how do we go about uncovering the uncomfortable truths of abuse in all of its forms?

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