Naturism and Being Honest With Self and God

Free hiking on the prairies.

Free hiking on the prairies.

Today I was able to get out for a walk in the warm sunshine without having to wear clothing. I only had to drive about seven kilometres where I parked the car on a rarely used dirt road. From that point on, there were no farm houses or highways to intrude on my privacy. It was an incredible feeling having the sunshine warm me to the very core of my being while I walked another two kilometres on the faint trail. I have claimed this small part of the universe as my retreat centre.

Going without clothing is not about exhibitionism, at least when there is no one around and very little likelihood that anyone would appear on this long abandoned trail. Just in case, I did have a pair of pants as a cover-up if I was to see a farmer out seeding his new crop. Being alone on the back-country prairie hills, I have no intention of creating drama within my home area. Going without clothes is, for me, something very spiritual in nature. On the trail there is just mother nature, father sky and myself. This becomes my church, my place to be honest with myself and my creator. No cover-up, no lies.


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  1. Christopher Howard says:

    Great way to explain the stress relieving and spiritual aspect of naked hiking. We are kindred souls.

  2. Bill Schroer says:

    Charles, Very thoughtful commentary. Gets at the heart of the mysterious benefit of nudism that is elusive, hard to describe, but very real. Good stuff.

  3. Caleel D says:

    Great post. Very thoughtful and gives us the spiritual benefits of nudism

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